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LotusGrill Green

Now you can cook outdoors with total style, safety and portability.

The smokeless charcoal BBQ from Lotus Grill offers the latest in design technology, combined with fashionable colours and a host of features that will have you cooking in no time.

Already the winner of International design and BBQ awards, including finalist in the Australian Design Awards, the LotusGrill not only looks stunning, it also offers instant, safe and smokeless charcoal cooking, so you can BBQ anywhere anytime. Best of all you are cooking in just 3 minutes, not 30-45 minutes like coventional charcoal BBQ's. Also the Lotus Grill uses 90% less charcoal which means significant savings. 

  • Smokeless cooking- forget nasty fumes and smoked-out BBQ’s
  • Ignition ease- The Lotus Grill features a built-in battery operated fan which creates a ‘bellows effect’ allowing you to be grilling in under 5 minutes whilst controlling the heat with the variable speed dial.
  • Fuel efficiency- simply add a small amount of charcoal to get cooking in just 5 minutes, using 90% less charcoal than traditional charcoal BBQ’s.
  • Multiple safety features- the Lotus Grill sides stay cool to touch so no danger for young children. The charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container so nothing can fall outside, even if you turn it upside down.
  • Mess free and dishwasher safe - say no more!
  • 5 year warranty
Colour:            Green
Dimensions:    35cm (diameter) x 23.5cm (height).
Extras:             Includes mesh carry bag, full instruction manual
Shipping:         Ships in it's own carton
Batteries:         Included. 4 x AA Batteries